Local BIJ1

A modern political party can only exist thanks to active members and volunteers who, with genuine commitment to the world in which they live, are willing to make a real difference.

BIJ1 is proud to attract more and more engaged citizens and is slowly growing and spreading through local branches across the country. This way our members, volunteers, and sympathizers can easily find each other and meet both physically and online.

We currently have one seat in the Amsterdam city council, but of course, there are many more places in the Netherlands where people share the ideals of BIJ1. In some cities, people are already busy starting up local departments and regular meetings are organized. These are great developments and we hope that together we can expand our party into a large network of lively, enthusiastic departments throughout the country.

Amsterdam BIJ1

Amsterdam BIJ1

E-mail: amsterdam@bij1.org

BIJ1 is delighted to have a seat on the council since the Amsterdam municipal elections of the 21st of March, 2018. We are proud that Sylvana Simons is chairwoman of the group, and together with duo-members of the council and employees, they're introducing "left from left" politics. So Roustayar, Vreer Verkerke, Jazie Veldhuyzen and Marieke Hermsen complete the Amsterdam fraction.

Sylvana: “Amsterdam is the city that I have called my home since 1972. Growing up in West, attending school in South, becoming a mother in the Pijp, and many beautiful memories throughout the city, I feel connected to all aspects that make our capital unique. In the city council, I am committed to preserving the uniquely colorful character of the city, taking into account the challenges associated with issues of the future, such as combating poverty and protecting the quality of living, education, and mobility." More info: amsterdam.bij1.org!

Rotterdam BIJ1

Rotterdam BIJ1

E-mail: rotterdam@bij1.org.

Ever since the party was first founded, a large group of Rotterdam-based people offered their support and joined the movement. Collecting the required support statements to secure eligibility for the national elections in 2017 was, next to being a very successful day, also one full of joy.

Our party members from Rotterdam are people of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds. Activists, people with political experience, professional organizers and lawyers. An incredible mix of people with the same goal: to participate in the growth and expansion of Rotterdam BIJ1 so that we and the ideas of our party, can make this city a better and fairer place. More info: rotterdam.bij1.org!

Utrecht BIJ1

Utrecht BIJ1

E-mail: utrecht@bij1.org

In February 2019, a group of enthusiastic people with intersectional ambitions in the city started Utrecht BIJ1.

The department is now working hard and elected its first board members in November 2019! Utrecht BIJ1 is essentially a grassroots movement and tries to build a broad intersectional and system-critical movement in the city by organizing local gatherings and knowledge-sessions from the bottom up.

More and more people are now joining and BIJ1 is increasingly popping up in Utrecht. Asking critical questions, as a collaboration partner or as a driver of intersectional events. The department is now preparing to make connections with all residents in the various Utrecht districts and to form its own Utrecht election program in the run-up to the municipal elections in 2022. There is always a need for extra input, ideas or help within the various committees. More info: utrecht.bij1.org.

Hilversum BIJ1

Hilversum BIJ1

E-mail: hilversum@bij1.org

The political party BIJ1 kicked-off in Hilversum in June of 2019. By means of action on the street and by working with residents, we want to create a new political message in Hilversum. The incumbent politics does not pay enough attention to what is going on in society and does not fight racism, sexism, validism and liberal demolition policies sufficiently. That is why it's time for a new form of politics, one of radical equality and economic justice, in Het Gooi. More info: hilversum.bij1.org.

Set up a deparment

Do you want to set up a department in your municipality, by yourself or together with other members? Are you also enthusiastic to set up a local department of BIJ1 together with others, but aren't sure where and how to start? Get in touch with our department-coordinator Rebekka!

Besides the different departments above, BIJ1 is also locally active in The Hague, Leeuwarden, Den Bosch and Leiden. And there are people ready to start in Almere, Groningen, Alkmaar, Eindhoven and Nijmegen-Arnhem.